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    I bought my Treo650 and it resets too much for me. Maybe because of too many apps but whatever... I don't want to open up the manual cuz I might still return it. How do i HARD RESET this dang thing and start from scratch. I'll probably have to sync up with a new username too no? Thanks.
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    Hold power while pressing the reset button (behind the cover).
    Release power button when Palm logo appears on screen.
    Press 5 way up to erase all data.

    Change name of backup folder in your Palm folder on your desktop (laptop).
    You can use the same user name to hotsync. A new backup folder will be created.
    Put in Apps from old backup folder one at a time.
    Also check this forum to find out which apps are compatible with the 650.
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    Thanks! But what do you mean by "press 5 way up".
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    Quote Originally Posted by juice
    Thanks! But what do you mean by "press 5 way up".
    After you releae the power button you will be presented with two options on the screen. One of the options is "are you sure you want to delete... press up" (paraphrasing). Push the directional button up and it is done.
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    thanks again
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    Good luck

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