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    best bluetooth headset for the 650???
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    If you do a search on "BT Headset" here on the forum, you will pull up about 50 threads on the topic. To my mind though, the choice lies between the PalmOne specific Treo Wireless Headset (79.99) or the HDH-662. I am basically relying on the overwhelming praise for the 660 but since it has now been replaced by the 662 why get the old model. If ya don't wanna wait, that would leave the Treo branded Headset, which has the advantage of sharing the same charger as the Treo, or the HBH-660.
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    i have the hcb 660...but am not really happy with it...sound has alot of static and it feels a little uncomfortable to wear...i would really like a headset with caller id and redail...anything out there?
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    Again, try the serach button, there's hordes of posts on the subject.

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