I got a replacement T600 this week. By all accounts, color me impressed. For starters and To P1's credit, the build quality feels much better than Handspring's (my previous model).

As crappy as the T600s camera is, I'm convinced my replacement unit has much improved picture quality by 10-15%. Here's the inside skinny:

+Hardware Revision: C
+(don't wanna give out my ESN #)
+PRL Rev: 10025
+PRI Checksum: 0x8D39
(what do those last two mean?)

On the ROM side, I noticed a few adjustments: A mail application I never seen before (don't need it, use Snapper), as well as a basic sounds application that make it easier to manage ringtones. There are probably other things I have yet to notice that I'll find eventually.

Of course, the Sprint 1.20 updater is already included, thank god! I also noticed that a file, CarKit_EPc2_AP has been installed there as well. I'll have to search my laptop/synch manager for any other car kit files I might have missed during synch.

Sidebar: When I re-opened up Treo Guard, it asked me if I wanted to install "FakeCarKit.prc" on to my Treo. What the heck is that?!

I'm thinking I may have lucked out and I already have what I need to get a T600 car kit (palmOne, Seidio, or ThB). Am I correct? If so, I'm thinking I can find a basic cigarette lighter version for cheap. (Holding off for the next Treo iteration to do a Treo car kit install) Any good deals on the Net?