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    I downloaded SPlashphoto and dont really see why I would need it over the built in 650 Pics and Video (Media) App. Anyone have a suggestion or reason?
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    It's way faster and automatically resizes all the pics to fit on the screen. Also has better zoom capability.
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    YES! The media app is terribly slow. Download the demo and see the difference. If you have a lot of pictures, especially large pictures on your sd card, then splashphoto is a must.

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    What about AcidImage? Isn't it better?

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    I actually have both Splash Photo and AL Pro. They're both great! I mainly use Al Pro for it's ability to view .tif files but both load and view jpg's much faster than Media app does.
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    SplashPhoto is MUCH better for photos..but Media app works nicely for little movies transferred from my PC (as an alternative to Kinoma).
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    Doesn't SplashPhoto add some sort of code to each pix, thus increasing file size, where Acid Image does not?

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