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    I have been working on this for 5 hours now searching for a full list of SMTP settings specific to Cingular using Chatter. If possible I would like to be recognized by my yahoo account in outbound email. Receiving email all set, just can't figure out outbound. Any help?? thanks much
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    Hmm, I am not sure if I understand your question fully. I have used chatter STMP out with may yahoo account. I set my server to:
    Username: MyUsername
    Password: MyPassword

    Then I did some testing and found that it seemed to send a little smoother using cingular's SMTP so I changed my SMTP server to:
    Username: [Unassigned]
    Password: [Unassigned]

    Sent slightly faster and had less timeouts that way. Hope this helps
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    You can send me a log if it's still not working. There are instructions in the FAQ at

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    basically is there a way to set up the SMTP through cingular's server but show my yahoo address on the receiving end? I am guessing that would be the box thats labeled return address? I use fastmail as a conduit for my yahoo account for incoming email. After I set-up the "define" or incoming settings through fastmail, then go into "deliver" & set that up, then "other" & "SMTP profile", it automatically brings up the settings for fastmail. How do I unassign the password? Also, it shows that the Login Name & Password are required? If I leave them unassigned will that affect anything? How about the boxes down the bottom, do any of those need to be checked? Please, be patient with me. Unfortunately I am a telecom tech & can install & wire up a server....just can't program
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    These questions would best be asked at the ChatterEmail forum (here or at Basically, check "No Auth Required" at the bottom and use the return address you want to be shown as the sender's address.


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