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    Symantec, the name we all know & trust now has a Beta of a virus scanner for the Palm O/S. Grab it at
    2 version available, Basic & Complete, get the Complete version.

    Works like a champ. Installed w/o problems. I ran a scan & it found what it calls the Palm.Liberty.A threat in the Heli Rescue Demo program I downloaded a couple days ago.
    I contacted the author & gave him a heads up!

    It's a compressed exe that installed and placed 2 files in the install tool for installation at next sync. It also installs a live update peice for the Palm.

    Have fun
    Just run fdisk to get rid of that nasty partition!
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    Is there really a need for a Palm OS virus scanner? Has anyone actually come across an actual virus for the Palm OS.

    It seems to me that all you need is a back-up module. Back up your Visor before you install any questionable software from an unreliable source. If it crashes, restore you Visor.

    Personally, I think a virus scanner for the Palm OS is a scam. Besides the bogus hacked Liberty software, I haven't heard of any real Viruses. Even if you use wireless web access, you can't download files directly from the internet to the Visor.

    Just my 2 cents....
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    Yes, Their are some virus's out their after the Palm O/S. Actuall they are called Threats. I scanned my Visor after install & found a "threat" associated with the Heli Rescue program. I contacted the Author who checked his end & he came up clean.


    Just run fdisk to get rid of that nasty partition!
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    Sounds to me that a "threat" maybe similar to a macro in MSexcel or MSword. The virus scanner probably saw that program as "virus-like" based on parameters set by the programmer.

    I doubt that we really need to get worried about viruses for the PalmOS at this point. That's not to say that there will be viruses for the PalmOS in the future. I just haven't seen or heard of any substantial threats.

    I have Never had a problem with a virus on my PCs at work or at home. I have had viruses sent to me and deleted any suspicious attachments, but you just need to be careful what you put on your computer or email attachments.

    The same goes for downloading Palm software. I would only worry if you are loading hacked palm apps. Sites like PalmHQ and Handango are safe bets for clean software in my book.

    Save your money until there is a real threat.

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