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    I installed the Sprint 1.08 updater using the method for those who don't have 11 megs free. I had a lot of trouble including a "General Error 0x10060380" error.

    Now when I try to restore under my original user name I get the dreaded infinite reset.

    How can I reinstall my apps under my old user name (under which all my apps are registered)? I'd like to do that one by one, starting with the Outlook sync, in the hopes Treo will run more smoothly.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of F1 incompetence.

    Time to delete everything Palm related off HD (not just uninstall).

    Hard reset the device.

    install updater. it may take a few times before success.

    re-sych with outlook.

    re-install your apps.

    Curse F1 for wasting your time.
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    I was able to get the updater in. I now show ver 1.08. I renamed my backup file so I was able to get my contacts (2400 of them) into memory, along with 1400 datebook and 300 memo entries using only 2 megs of memory instead of the 12 (!) megs that data took up when I first got the phone. At least something positive has come of this.

    Whew. I have my phone numbers and dates at least.

    Thanks for your response mikec. What is F1? Bet you can't print that out!

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