I had to do a hard reset on the road and was able to fully restore by doing a network hotsync. (It did take several hours, though.)

This is clearly a great thing.

The one glitch is that after a hard reset, the user ID is lost from the Treo. Consequently, the host computer (the one that is being used for the network sync) will have a popup message asking if it should use one of the user IDs already on the Palm desktop. I was monitoring the process by using a remote VNC connection from another computer, so I merely checked this option when it popped up. If I were not able to monitor the remote desktop, however, I would not be able to perform the network hotsync on a newly reset device.

Thus, is there any way to assign a user ID directly to the device without first performing a hotsync? (Or, alternatively, to tell the Palm desktop to automatically assign a default user ID for network hotsyncs?)

(It's kind of a chicken and egg thing: To do the network hotsync requires that a user ID be assigned to the device first--or that the Palm desktop being used for the network hotsync get an answer to using a previously assigned ID--but in the absence of access to the remote desktop, assigning the user ID requires a network hotsync. See the problem?)