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    Is anyone else having problems with their GRPS connection and Cingular? Mine worked fine since I got my 650, but I haven't been able to get a signal in my house when I have in the past. Even when it show a signal it doesn't work.

    I think it's a Cingular (or Palm) issue, but I wanted to make sure no one had a similar problem.

    It started shortly after I updated to the newest version, but I'm 85% sure that's just a coincidence.
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    Before moving to Cingular I had absolutely no cell (Sprint or AT&T) service in my house. After migrating to Cingular I have a full signal. It's just luck of the draw... Call Cingular and tell them you found a dead spot, they should send someone out to check the area out for future coverage enhancement.

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    Dunc, that's what's weird. It was great with Cingular until 4 days ago. It's as if they turned off a tower and swaped it with one that doesn't have GPRS. Also, it's not a chatter issue because I used a friend's T-Mobile card and Chatter worked great.

    I'm sure this is something with the merging of the ATT towers.

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