I have had no problems syncing my unlocked gsm (TMO) 650 but I happened to look at my HotSync conduit list and I think some of these are no longer required:

ToDo Conduit - ToDoDB
Note Pad
Memo Pad - MemoDB
Date Book - DatebookDB
Address Book - AddressDB

I believe the only ones really required for the 650 are:
VoiceMemo, Install, Backup, Media

and for the PIM:

Tasks - TasksDB-PTod
Memos - MemoDB-PMem
Contacts - ContactsDB-PAdd
Calendar - CalendarDB-PDat

Is this true? And if so can I remove the ToDo, Note Pad, Memo Pad, Date Book and Address Book conduits without harm? How about the associated data bases on the Palm: ToDoDB, MemoDB, DatebookDB and AddressDB? I would sure like to have the additional memory if they are not used.

I do use MyWeek and DateBK5 so I don't know if they still expect to have these databases available or not?

Thanks for any help or suggestions,