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    Is anyone aware of how to set SnapperMail to be the mail client that shows when you configure your Treo 650 calendar view to be in Agenda Mode? (this is in the calendar app -- not the agenda view you can set up on your phone display)

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    im using agendus and would like snapper to be my mail client of choice as well, but to no avail have i got it to work so i just installed the five way key ButtonsEx and now i just use the quick button to launch snapper so easy fix for me.
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    i have a 650, but I dont get the difference.

    what is agenda mode, and why/how is it different agenda view?

    i'm confused.

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    From what i have seen. I don't think you can. I think Agendus needs to be updated. I reads the ROM apps and its own

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