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    I have no problem attaching to my workstation however, the screen never completely builds... In other words when I scroll the new section of the screen has to be re-built and the old is gone... scroll wait scroll wait... No matter which selection I make from the VNC Server. I have a Treo 650.
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    I just got mine and it seems to work as you have described. I would love to be able to make some channges to this though.
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    I'll bump this thread. Win-Hand cached the whole screen, which made things MUCH faster when scrolling around (something that is obviously done quite often on a 320x320 screen even when scaled down). I looked everywhere for a setting to allow the screen to completely cache. Is there something that we're missing??
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    Good question as I'm also curious about this. I thin "Poll full screen" may help. Also is there a way to do draggable scrolling like in WinHand?

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