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    Hey guys i was trying to install the new 1.08 custom rom, everything went smooh, wehn it came time for my hard reset, my device will not not prompt me to hard reset, ive never seen or heard of anything like this. Could the update have something to do with it. I am holding down the power on/off button tapping reset, still holding down the button, wait for circle palm logo and release. I mean my treo still works it just hasnt gotten the new firmware since i cant hard reset it . Any ideas?
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    soft reset wait until black progress bar starts then hold down the power button until you see Palm logo. keep trying you will get it.
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    why not back up and hard reset before doing the upgrade and using diffrent user name...
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    it was something with my custom rom, i re did thing and reflashed from the SD card, all is well now, except blazer is not working when all my other data aps, will IE verichat, snappermail, etc. well treo alarm wont update either *shrug*
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    with the custom rom you should of flashed back to the original first and then went on with the update but i dont know why blazer will not be working but try verichat because if that works then obviously your getting a connection.....
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.

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