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    I am trying to get started with developing programs for my new Treo 650. I have lots of experience as a software developer, even some with my old PalmPilot many years ago, but I am doing this as a hobbyist. So I am committed to using the *free* PalmSource PalmOS developers suite tools. My system is XPSP2. However, I keep running into brick walls:

    1. For starters, only about half of the Treo 650 simulators on the PalmOne web site will even start up for me. The other ones display a nice color palette, or a blank dialog box with a "reset" button, then crash with the usual Microsoft "send error report" dialog. What's up with that?

    2. For the sims that do work, I can only launch them once for debugging from within the Eclipse IDE. Any subsequent attempts will result in the sim crashing as in #1. Only a PC reboot will allow me to launch a debug session again.

    3. I can't connect to my Treo 650 for debugging through the USB cable. The option seems to be there in the Eclipse IDE, but it just won't connect and there is no documentation. Do I need to spend $60 for the Treo 600 cable and serial adapter that I see on the PalmOne web site?

    I believe that I could use the plain OS5.4 simulator for some of my projects. Others require Treo 650 simulator, because they use the phone functions.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I think I'll post this in the PalmOne forums as well.

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    It's tough getting started. I've just gone through several of the same problems. I'm using Codewarrior, tho, so some are different. But here's where I can help:

    Ans to 1) Yep. I don't know what's up with that but I get the same thing. I just use one of the sims that doesn't crash.

    Ans to 2) Are you removing the file "C:\palm\SimSlotDriverVolume" between runs? Removing that fixes things for me.

    Ans to 3) I've gotten that working via the standalone Palm debugger that ships with PODS. All I remember having to do was turn off hotsync and be sure the 650 was in debug mode. Tip: The easy way to get there is to hold down the shift key on the 650 and hit the hotsync button.

    As far as I could find, the current integrated Eclipse debugger had a huge problem: It would only display enumerated types as the numerical value, NOT the human-readable string used to create the type. Since that meant every event type or notification on the Palm showed up as a relatively unreadable number I switched debuggers. I would LOVE to know if you find a workaround for this.

    Getting debugging working under Codewarrior was tricky, btw. Check here for what it took:
    That site is an excellent source of information.

    Other things that helped a lot: - search here for many good anwers
    Download *all* the samples for the 600 and 650 from the Palmone developers forum.
    Download the Treo600DeveloperGuide.pdf from the Palmone knowledgebase. I was so 650 focused at first that I missed this, causing myself much needless frustration.

    Hope this helps! I'd appreicate any good tips back in return.

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