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    I sell on eBay for a living (dallas-music). While I'm out and about buying stuff, I would like to use a Treo 650 to search completed eBay auctions, to get an idea what an item might be worth.

    I recently played with a friend's 650, which is what sparked my interest. I wasn't able to get on ebay. I called my friend today and ask him to give it another try. No luck.

    I've been searching most of the day on the net, exploring other options and trying to determine if there was a work around for the 650/ebay problem. I didn't find anything and was ready to give up when I stumbled upon this site. A forum search turned up a thread about using the Treo 600 for my exact purposes: Abidia software was mentioned as solution to the problem.

    My problems and my questions:

    I need to be able to search completed eBay auctions and need the final prices to be visible without having to open up each separate auctions. Apparently this can be problem. Will Abidia allow me to do this? If not, is there another way?

    Everyone here seems to be pretty happy with their 650. My friend (Sprint) loves his. I'm a T-Mobile customer, and because of pricing, I would like to remain a T-Mobile customer. As you guys know, T-mobile doesn't offer the 650. Is there a T-mobile specific problem that should know about?

    I've read several threads about unlocking the 650, but I'm not sure I completely understand. Will I have to buy an unlocked 650, or can I buy a Cingular and get it unlocked? I have determined I need to get the GSM version, or at least I think I do.

    Sorry for such a long thread! Any help appreciated!


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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    T-Mo customer with a 600 no problems with
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    Thanks for the quick responses!

    I don't know if this site gives an accurate rendering of, but if it does, you can't search completed auctions and it doesn't show prices. That really wouldn't work for my needs.
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    Webpro and xiino browse with no problems. No need to go to the wap site. Just download the patched version of webpro.
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    I browse eBay all the time using Blazer on my just fine....
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    The only one I can use to actually sign in to is Webpro...both Xiino and Blazer cite a problem with the browser....Blazer works with wap though.

    I use the 3.0 patched version of Webpro
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    Thanks everyone for the help!
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    is the wap site an official ebay one? I mean is it safe? is it directly from ebay?
    Treoing & Loving it
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    I dont think anyone has answered the second part of your question...

    If you want the Treo 650 with T-mobile as your service the easiest way to go about it is to buy an unlocked GSM Treo 650 direct from the palmone website (or eBay in your case ). I would highly recommend this route.

    The more difficult approach is to buy one from Cingular and get it unlocked (which is the route I chose). Yes I managed to save myself a few hundred dollars but if youre not a current Cingular customer then you will have to find someone who is, and who is willing to go through the trouble of getting it unlocked for you, which could take weeks depending on how they deal with your request.
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    gt5l, WAP ebay is not complete enough to serve my needs. The main info I need it doesn't have. I don't know whether the site's safe or not (I know very little about WAP). I haven't experienced any problems since visiting it.

    zelgo, I'll give Xiino a try.

    The Truth, I've read quite a few threads since I posted. I don't want to go thru the hassles and risks of getting a Cingular 650 unlocked. There's a local independent dealer that told me they'll have unlocked 650's in stock on Tuesday for $450. If they don't come thru, and I'm not holding my breath, then I'll just pay full pop at Palm's website.
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    im looking to buy an unlocked treo 650 for a price better than palm ones ...what's the dealers web site.....
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    This is why I like the PPC so much. While the Treo is so good at so many things, devices like the SX66 and others really have it beaten here.

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