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    Just got my 650 in the mail yesterday. Go to install the Desktop software cd and I discover a half inch crack in it. Its suppose to be a new treo but the cd had fingerprints on it . Treo itself looks untouched. Anyway without the software I'm short!

    Know where I can download the Desktop Software for the treo 650? Palmone website doesn't have it. I can only get half way through the install.

    Thanks for any help
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    i remember reading online at the palm website you have to use the CD...they dont have the software online yet (odd it sounds i know)

    call them up....and say hey i got my order can you send me a replacement thing to do is call tech support...but make sure you have a speakerphone you'll be on hold for a fort night
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    should have looked more. you have to register here to get it
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    Way to go Heat! Most folks just say it's not available.
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