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    Can I cut the cigarette lighter adapter off of the PalmOne DC cable and wire it (after extending it and adding circuit protection, of course) to the fuse box of my vehicle? I want to hardwire it in, but I don't want to cut mine without being sure.
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    The car charger does not output 12 volts (I think it's only 4.5 or 6), so there's a circuit in the lighter plug that reduces the voltage. Cutting it off and hardwiring the cable into your car wire fry the phone for sure.
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    Thanks for the warning - apparently that would have been a really bad idea. Any alternate suggestions? Does anyone make such a cable?
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    JG< go to radio shack and get a cigarette lighter extension, cut the male end off, fuse it, and connect it to 12v, then use the treo powercord into that, hide it all under the dash, and you will be all set

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