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    For starters, I am not the most technical guy in the world. I purchased mmplayer as well as pocket dvd ( for my 650. I also downloaded some other stuff that the two websites suggested. No matter what I do, I cannot get the audio to match up with the video. I have changed the bit rate through the options menu but nothing seems to work. Are there settings that work best for the 650? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    There are two things you can do that should help. I had the same problem.
    1. Download pocketdivxencoder ( It's free. Run the finished file through PocketDivxEncoder's "Correct Audio/Video syncronization" utility. You'll see it at the bottom of the program. It runs very fast 1-2 min. This solved my problem.
    2. Use the red shutoff button on the 650 while the movie is running to cycle through different setting like brightness, etc. until you get to A/V sync. and use the arrow buttons to adjust the sync.

    I have run several movies through Pocketdivxencoder with great results.
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    thank you, much appreciated!
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    i've spent several days and long hours trying to get this thing to work right The solution above was perfect!!!!!

    I was using Intervideo 4.0, Pocket DVD3.3 and mmplayer, After doing the above, the playback was perfect!!!!!

    No skips, no loss words, nothing, perfect!


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