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    has anyone been able to pass the "nudging" duties of new mail from chatter over to treoalertmgr? I only recently upgraded to the new betas and thought that the new "use attention manager alerts" option in notifications would do the trick but it doesn't seem to work for me. if anyone's got this working, what are the settings?

    treoalertmgr does a fine job nudging w/o turning on the screen. it'd be nice to be able to use this nudge for chatter as it works great for missed calls, sms's, etc.
    -- berto
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    It should work if you're in the background; it doesn't do anything in the foreground; should it?

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    background would be fine. I do get the snowflake, but treoalertmgr doesn't seem to pick it up...
    -- berto
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    I just use regular alert manager calls...

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    think treoalertmgr is looking for one of the large full screen alert windows like when you receive an sms or voicemail. I guess that's what triggers treoalertmgr while any subsequent alerts start accumulating in the snowflake screen if the first is not acknowleged. I don't suppose chatter could produce one of those initial alert screens, could it?
    -- berto

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