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    Another story about the usefulness of the Treo and having a multifunction device with you all the time...

    Was at the store with my daughter the other day looking at shoes for her. I found some shoes that she liked but I remembered that her Mom said the heels cannot be too high. So I called her to ask "how high is too high?" Finding it difficult to explain on the phone, I just snapped a picture of the shoe and emailed it to her. She called me back and said, "those are OK".

    I wouldn't have purchased them otherwise as I despise taking trips back to the store for returns. You just have to remember that you have the darn thing with you as it open up communications possibilities you probably have not thought of before...

    So what are your experiences of when the Treo has come in handy in new or unexpected ways?
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    I got the Metro program and it was so helpful navigating around NYC last weekend....
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    I had a business conference call where we drafted a time line on the board of a conference room that we had to vacate for another meeting. To preserve the valuable information, I took several photos with my treo. I hotsynced and drafted a timeline with the information from the photos. The timeline impressed everyone. The Treo definitely improved my work performance right there.

    I've used it to IM and email people at their computers for information while in a meeting where I simply couldn't excuse myself nor talk on the phone...

    When I ride the train or a plane, I play movies on the treo (with kinoma) that keep me entertained and breaks up the day.

    I also use the internet to price compare sometimes while I'm in a store.

    it's been real handy.
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    read the news on it all the time to reduce my boredom sometimes, and of course the email and potential jobs i may get
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    I have found the "Quick News" is a great way to keep up with my news feeds when I have a spare few minutes.
    Bill Petro
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    Checking movie listings in my area while on the can
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    Unfortunately, I don't have time to actually use my Treo 650. I'm too busy reading the latest posts at treocentral.
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    Another good use of the Treo, to settle bar disputes!
    I was out this past Thursday, when 2 friends at the bar began to argue regarding who was the male lead in an upcoming film (Fever Pitch). One thought it was Jimmy Fallon & the other thought it was Adam Sandler. The guy who thought Sandler was so sure of himself that promised to buy everone at the table free drinks for the nite if he was wrong. At that point, I whipped out the Treo650, logged onto and had the answer in about 30 seconds (it is Jimmy Fallon). WooHoo free drinks!!!!
    So there you have it, my Treo got me free drinks for the nite
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    My job requires my meeting with clients in different parts of the atlanta area. First off, the treo is an indispensible scheduling tool. After setting an appointment i have the contact name, address and information all stored in agendus. I use the treo to map directions to their location and can easily glance at their specific information with one hand when driving there. Occasionally i take pictures of strange things i come accross during the day.

    In between meetings during coffee breaks i'm fulfilling orders and answering emails and faxes for my out of state clients. Dont forget the occasional movie or two when a client is late... for all its shortcomings - the treo makes me at least 5 times as productive as i ever was.. now if only i can break this tc addiction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimRohde
    Unfortunately, I don't have time to actually use my Treo 650. I'm too busy reading the latest posts at treocentral.
    So kill two birds with one stone and use your 650 to read T|C
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    I had a medical story with the Treo. My 17 year old son developed strong pain in his belly. The doctor we saw gave him an antispasmodic relaxant. But I looked up the drug and the symptoms and really they were not matching. He did see some stones in his gallbladder but said those can be removed in 6 months after school is out.

    The doctor said go home and sleep it off. My son was still in pain, but the doctor said that was that.

    So I called my father, who is a surgeon out of town, and he said call another surgeon he knew. But my father did not remember his name. I looked it up. The surgeon said sure meet me at the ER.

    The surgeon said it could be cramps but also could be gallbladder. That an atomic scan (not an MRI or CT but rather some isotope thing) would see if any gallbladder stones were the actual emergency...if they were too close to the intestine.

    They were. It ended up into surgery that same night, almost emergency. I called my whole family...the Treo helped look things up in terms of symptoms, made calls, looked up directories, more calls, took notes...

    But anyway, it all came out great. He did have all sorts of stones in the time you hear of a colic tell them to get an echo (sound) and look for stones.
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    Yes, the mobile version of TC is great for reading, but not for posting.

    About 2 weeks after I got my T650, I had to spend 2 days and nights in the hospital with my Mother. Although I had to take 2 days off from my day job, I was able to work both days on my night job (programming) using my laptop for programming and my Treo for email, phone questions, and reading specifications. I could get my customer to email the specs to my Treo and then I could work on my laptop. The Treo paid for itself during those 2 days alone. Not to mention the fact that I could surf the web during the time when I wasn't working. After that, I was Treo hooked.

    And yes, many times I have captured a snapshot of something when I wouldn't have had a camera handy otherwise.
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    I didn't realize we were talking about work stuff (instead of fun stuff).
    I am a lawyer, so whenever disputes arise at court, I can go to and look up the relevant law. This has often settled cases on the spot (rather than having to re-set for another day, go back to the office, look stuff up, file motions, etc, etc).
    Also, my local Supreme Court has a website where the post the new appellate decisions the day they are released. You can see this month's page at for reference. When I get downtime at court (frequently) I can go here and keep up with the latest law (or just play a game of Bejeweled). Either way, it keeps me busy and awake.
    A couple of local lawyers have seen me using the Treo, and have purchased them (the 600) for all their in-house attorneys.
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    I had a patient with an interesting neurological finding, was able to take "before and after" test dose of medication pictures (with the patient's consent, of course) and use them in my presentation of the case.
    The Doctor is IN!
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    I was out to to work w/ some co-workers, and right after we got seated, we got a page that one of our servers had gone down. Using TuSSH, my co-worker restarted the server, and we were able to enjoy our lunck w/o having to run back to the office.
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    A guy ran into the back of me while driving. Ater shecking myself out, I first called the police on my treo. Then took quick pics of his liscense plates and the damange to his and my car. I then called my insurance company and sent them the pics that I took for evidence....all with my treo 650.

    What a life and time saver!!!

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    Well I had my colon ruptured twice and was in the hospital for 3 weeks & the Treo keepted me from going nuts. TV didn't work, so I would spend my time online, playing games, texting my kids & friends, & also Streaming Radio, thanks to Pocket Tunes.
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    When the City of Chicago gives me parking tickets.

    I simply take a picture of the area surrounding my car, open it in Photoshop, clone out the "No Parking" signs, or add the "FAIL" letters to the parking meter LCD display, print it out, mail it or bring it in person to contest the fine and get off scott free.
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    This is actually somewhat embarrassing....however!
    I was arrested for alleged terroristic threats after telling the Pizza Hut manager not to spit in my girlfriend's pizza (they went to school together or some shiznit). I'm cuffed and carted away.
    Sitting in recieving at the station, scarily enough I have not been searched again after exiting the patrol car and entering the station (usually standard procedure).
    But my beloved Treo 650 (GSM), my ID and keys are on the interview table in the interview room, and I am outside while the two officers confer.
    I really need to call my lawyer, becase they start talking about "with intent to terrorize." Uh-oh.
    Again, the force being lax is not funny (we trust these guys for securing our neighborhoods.)
    They have neglected to remove or even detect my Moto HS820 Bluetooth headset.
    He he.
    I quickly assess the situation, and gauge the room with my Treo within about 20-25 feet away (Bluetooth has a theoretical limit of 30 feet). I speeddial my brother, get him to call the lawyer....and it all turned out OK.
    Charges dropped (thanks to lawyer), just 10 hours of community service out of an incident that may have been a felony without proper representation. This was San Bernardino County, and these forkers often refuse you a call and make you rough it till you actually are booked and in jail.
    *kisses Treo 650.*
    I love my 650. Bluetooth is a must after this, obviously.
    Let's not forget about PalmaSutra, either. You know, when they run to "slip into something more comfortable.
    -Jack B., CTU Field Ops
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    About 2 weeks after I got my T650, I had to spend 2 days and nights in the hospital with my Mother.
    I had a similar experience, except it was my wife who was hospitalized. I was able to use DUN on my 650 to connect my Thinkpad to the 'net, VPN in to the office, and work productively while I was there. (OK, I did do a little web surfing as well. )
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