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    When I do a Find, it will show me the text of the items matching on the left side, but on the right side, it is all blank, where it should show the calendar date for the matches.

    Does everyone have this problem?

    What is the fix? (I am still on 1.03)

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    Progress report only:

    I fixed it yesterday, then noticed it was broken again today.

    These are the steps I took today, to replicate (almost) what I had done yesterday:

    1. Create a spreadsheet in DocsToGo, and save it with a name.
    2. make sure options to search dtg in global find are off for both sheet and word.
    3. remove Findtester app (Is Enable local network time on or off? forgot to check)
    4. validate that find is broken
    5. set up FindTester to be installed to Treo 650
    6. synch, which includes an install of FindTester app
    7. Validate Find is broken
    8. Run FindTester 2ce – 1st to reboot, 2nd to see the culprit. (Sheet2Go)
    9. Delete the spreadsheet file in sheettogo. (Interestingly, it didn't synch, but there were no synch errors.)
    10. Test Find – still broken! (I checked and saw that Enable local network time is ON)
    11. Set “enable local network time” to OFF.
    12. Test Find – it works!

    After Treo 650 timed out and went off, I did another Find - broken again. This time, I toggled Network Time ON, and now the Find works!

    Maybe the find only works when you start in the World Clock app?


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