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    Cingular 650

    I know this question's been asked, but my phone resets consistently after a long period of inactivity with the phone on. Missed a bunch of calls due to the device being off for awhile and apparently just waiting to reset as soon as I touch a button. Once the reset is complete and the phone is turned back on (sometimes the phone come on by itself after a self reset) a missed call and new voice mail prompt pops up. I've tried turning off "network time" and dialing ##377 to see if I get the error message. ##377 came back with a standard "your call cannot be completed as dialed" and network time did not seem to make a difference. Not sure what else to do. BTW, the phone had the same resetting problem just after a hard reset and a clean Palm Desktop install (no third party stuff). I do have the preferred SIM card and the voicemail 1.04 firmware update. How can I get this phone to not reset???

    Please help!!!
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    Cingular 650/Versamail

    I had some problems with versamail yesterday and I was able to clear it up using Filez (as suggested in the palmOne knowledge base). However, I just noticed that the problem reoccurred the next day after I fixed it. This is how the versamail/reset problem started in the first place. It seems to have problems with long time delays between use. Kind of like the phone program problem (mentioned above) when it resets the first thing in the morning or after a long period of inactivity during the day. Could these two problems be related? Is it a date/time issue corrupting files? Please help???
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    Standard equip on most Treo's.

    Seriously, try sending it back, swap it out. The are radio errors on many of them that some seem to have cleared up only by getting another phone.
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    are you leaving the treo connected to the internet overnight? Mine would reset every morning when I switched to the phone app with the HAL radio crash, then over the weekend I noticed that I had not left it connected to the internet overnight and it didn't reset first thing when I woke it up. Could just be coincidence.

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