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    Just got my 650 today, and as I'm playing around with it, one of the first things I notice is they've changed the shortcut interface on the phone screen, replacing the excellent 5-button shortcut system of the 600 with the (for my uses) pointless Favorite list functionality.

    Is there any way to get my 5-way hotkeys back? Thanks!
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    I don't have a solution but just wanted to say that I miss that feature of my Treo 600 too! However you will find that the combination of Butler and setting up your Favorites can't be beat.
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    Try ButtonsEx, which is freeware and a very nice solution (except that I find I have to use the "disable auto repeat" function--small loss for great functionality).
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    Anyone know of any other solutions to allow app selection with the 5-way nav on the 700p the way it worked on the 600?

    I don't want to remap the 5-way nav everywhere, just in the phone app.

    Selecting "up" or "left" on the 700p main phone screen does nothing, such a waste.

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