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    I just got my visor to day.[Yeah : ) ]
    But I try to use palm sync from Outlook express, it only sync my address book.

    How do you sync mail in OE to visor???

    Thank you
    Pakorn Wonganudroj
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    I'm using MultiMail Pro to get my OE e-mails over to the Visor - it works, but getting it set up took some doing. MultiMail was a product of Actual Software which has been assimilated into Palm...

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    yeah... the oe5 conduit is a little misleading, isn't it? it's supposed to be helpful, but i find it annoying, because it only syncs contacts, and it doesn't really sync them because it will duplicate if you already have that contact from another pim. anyway...

    for actual email syncing, you do in fact need something 3rd party, and i think the only options are eudora's mail suite, and multimail. i got multimail before eudora was available at palmgear it was sort of expensive, but it works great. if you go with it, make sure to spend the extra cash on MMPro, that way if you get a modem for your visor you can send and receive email on the road.

    oh, some people have had problems with MM's tech support, but i had a nasty issue that needed attention, and after a very long involved correspondence with a tech, we got it fixed. i think the issue now is due to the incorporation into palm, actual refers to palm and palm refers to actual and nothing ever gets done. they'll probably get that sorted out soon, if not already...

    hope it helps.
    exit, pursued by a bear.

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