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    Palm seems to have a unique version numbering policy. I installed the Treo 650 desktop. It is version 4.1.4. Our installed Tungsten T3 desktop is also version 4.1.4. However these desktops are very different! Much to my regret, expense is missing in the Treo 650 desktop version and that one has additional buttons in the left pane for documents and Versamail.

    I have noticed this ‘non version numbering’ policy before with Palm. A prime example is at their Palm OS upgrade page. In many cases upgrading the O.S either results in the same version or results in no version at all according to that web page. See:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(10714)

    Please Palm, switch to a normal version numbering policy, like it was with other Treo’s (i.e. 3.5.2H6.2 or 3.5.2H5 or 3.5.2H6.3) It makes discussing bugs and features a lot easier.
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    Does anyone know if you can use the T3 Desktop application with a Treo650? I want the expense application!

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