I'm using a program called BatteryGraph to track the battery life of my Treos, both the 650 and the 600, and with the 650 I'm been getting some pretty awesome results. For the first few days with the unlocked 650 I was seeing about 3.5-4 hours of mixed use getting me down to 50% (1-1.5 hrs. on the phone, 15-25 text messages, 10-20 short emails). Not bad at all, right?

Right now, I'm looking at battery graph and it says that the Treo has been in use for 4 hrs and 34 minutes and the battery is at 52...just turned to 51 ...percent. Here's where it gets interesting...this is the first time I set the Treo to check for email every thirty minutes instead of every hour or longer (usually I set it at one hour or more between checking). I guess the battery must be getting alot better after a few charges. I spent a bit under an hour on the phone today, but did ALOT of messaging and emailing. I'm talking about AT LEAST 50-70 total messages and over 20 emails total. I was on the web for only about 10 minutes.

I am truly impressed with the battery life today...I hope it wasn't a fluke!

Just so you'll know, the backlight is set slightly about halfway and the Treo turns off after 1 minute. Beam receive is on and bluetooth is off.