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    I have purchased three different bluetooth headsets (jabra, bluetrek and motorola); all pair normally with the 650, but I cannot get any of them to pick up the phone calls - either incoming or outgoing. Can anybody help??
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    Return em all and get a Sony Ericsson HBH-660, and modify it with a Jabra ear can find threads about this all over this forum. You're lookig for an auto transfer headset and the SE 660 has the quickest "auto transfer" of any headset IMO. You won't be disappointed.

    Here's the best review yet...exactly what I did.
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    Most BT headsets don't pick up the 650 automatically. PalmOne has a very short list of completely compatible ones, but there are others. I use Epox and Microtooth headsets. Both auto transfer almost immediately.
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    I am gonna suggest the PalmOne Treo headset for two reasons:

    1. It is a fine headset. My choices came down to the Sony HBH-662 and the PalmOne Treo specific headset. Being able to use the same charger also means not having to lug around an extra accessory.

    2. If you have a problem your Tech Support rep can't "off you" (get you off the phone) by saying "It's the other guy's problem". When PalmOne makes the phone and the headset, they can't blame anyone else .

    I should also note:

    1. Make sure you have BT turned on ?

    2. Don't put too much faith in the instructions in the mnaual. The Treo headset said hold the button for 8 seconds.....I was going to return it because I was holding it for 8....9.....10 and still no pairing. Only after I held for a full 12 seconds did it pir with my Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    I am gonna suggest the PalmOne Treo headset
    I am leaning to the Treo as well. Question? Will a press of a button on the headset take you to voicedial? I have seen contraditory reports about whether this is possible with ANY BT headset, but that is what I need to use the thing in my car, otherwise, I will stick with the wired heaset that takes me to voice dial with the push of the headset button.

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