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    Unbelievable, I installed the update and everything worked ok at first, then I started getting soft resets everytime versamail tried an autosync.

    Hard rest and restore manually (not from backup).

    Everything works fine for an entire hour or so. Then soft resets everytime I try and sync my email (either manually or autosync).

    Hard reset and restore from backup.

    Check my email again and there is an error communicating with the Exchange server. Soft reset. I just don't think this product works with an Exchange server at all, and it shouldn't be advertised that it does.

    How many hours am I going to spend trying to get this thing to work??
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    Try is a way out of that mess.
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    Just accept that WorsaMail is a POS and install the trial versions of Snapper and Chatter. Both give you 30 days to decide.
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    I dont even use versamail but on a few occasions I have tapped the icon, then after that if I hit it again or tap the phantom message icon on the phone screen I get resets. Some times I get a reset just using the same hardkey that versamail is defaulted to.

    I dont use it, dont know what it is, but I hate it!
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    I guess I am just stubborn! I just hate to pay for software that is included with the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsman
    I guess I am just stubborn! I just hate to pay for software that is included with the phone.
    My sentiment too.. but then I got fed up with the instability it brought to the Treo.

    Since my update I'm giving Versa another shot only because I like the simplicity of how it handles attachments. Although it works with autosync now, I'm still not sold. When I get a new message, although I now get the alert and the astrix, it does not take me to email, I have to do that manually.

    I may be going back to Snapper as my primary email handler.
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    Although I am using the 600, I always go back to Snapper as opposed to Versamail for the 600. My latest episode is that VMs file library cannot be found. Funny, I didnt remove it, so where'd it go. Issues such as this are the very reason I dont use it.
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    3 words (or 1 phrase and 1 word or....)

    Custom ROM

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