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    The update went just as the instructions promised. Better memory management, but
    After the update the phone will not pair or identify any handsfree hardware after the upgrade. The car kit patch before 1.08 had cleared up most of the bluetooth issues with these devices. This new update promised to place the car kit patch in ROM. But after the update was installed, the phone's handsfree connectivity is worse than it was when unit came out of the box. The Treo 650 will still connect and see computers with bluetooth, but no handsfree devices. In my case, it means my bluetooth earpiece, a Motorola handsfree speaker, and my Acura TL no longer see this phone!
    Now, I wonder how long we have to wait for the next patch?
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    restore your rom if you are not happy with the update.
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    That's actually an Acura TL problem, not a Treo problem. You have to clear the system before you can re-pair a phone. The delete command doesn't actually work.

    The HFL in my 2005 Acura TL actually works much better after the update. The bluetooth volume improvements mean that the volumes for the system voice and my callers are much closer rather than being forced to turn up the stereo volume for the callers.

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