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    For most it appears the update works great, but I hope you get your issues resolved.

    Maybe a replacement is in order...
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    It's you (bmacfarland). Not a SINGLE problem here. Went from at least one surprise reset/day since I owned this thing to NONE in 5 days!

    The real story though should be about P1 for having the stupidity or arrogance for releasing this POS code last November with all of its problems and not how good this update is....1.08 should have been the production release.

    P1 still has to make good though on fixing the digitizer, adding BT DUN as Sprint promised the week of the 650 launch, eliminating the date bug and addressing some of the other problems. We'll see though as they now have to scramble to add the 1.08 fixes to the GSM's out there and make sure that their production line is updated with the new code. I personally think they averted a catastrophe that would have happened had they released 1.03 in Europe and A/P.
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    I may opt for getting a replacement 650. I couldn't get this 1.08 update to take. I tried freeing up the memory, doing several hard resets and was still getting that "Not enough memory...." message. I give up.

    Remember that ROM update for the 600? Wasn't it just one file as opposed to 35?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigG65
    I know this thread is about the 1.08 update but in regards to your versamail problem there is only one fix. You MUST turn off "Enable Local Network Time". This is regardless of a pre or post 1.08 update. This firmware update does not solve the Versamail Auto Fetch problem.
    I had no problems installing the update as I did a hardreset to install, but is it just me or did palm only "REALLY" address the NVFS issues in this update? After all these months? WTF?!?

    People still can't understand what I'm saying when I'm not using my headset just like before....It didn't bother me much as I always used my headset, but I've missed placed it... Thanks P1
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    Luckily, I had no problems with the install - followed PalmOne's instructions exactly. I did do a hard reset to free up lots of memory, and installed with a temporary username, but after the update and a hotsync, I am back to normal, without any resets or problems. Freed up an additional 5 MB memory, and the sound quality is definately better.
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