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    OK... I'm feelin' pretty stupid here.

    I have an SMS Messaging alert icon on my phone screen. I have deleted ALL SMS messagees, even though none were showing as new. I have gone through preferences, but there is only an option to delete Voicemail alert icon... SO... does anyone know how to delete this icon?... I'm sick of thinking I have an SMS when I don't.

    I've soft resetted... no luck... I've turned phone off and on... No luck.

    I'm sure someone will tell me how to do this, and it will be so simple I'll want to slit my wrists.... but what the heck... I'm up for a little late night embarassment...

    Send it my way PLEASE!!!!
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    Ok Jeff,
    Get that razor out and slit those wait...just Use FileZ and erase the MESSAGES DATABASE file, or, if you use Zlauncher use File Manager to do the same thing.
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    I hate when things are so damn easy... and I'm taking the hard route.


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