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    Area of service: Columbus, Ohio
    Sound quality before 1.08:
    - speaker phone was poor - if volume was cranked up, would get vibration and feedback
    - ear piece volume was barely acceptable
    - handset was more like walkie talkie - not full duplex
    Sound quality after 1.08:
    - Excellent using handset. Now appears to be full duplex. Both parties can be talking at the same time and can still hear each other.
    - Speaker phone now works
    - Also noticed that I can receive incoming calls while on the web.

    One bad note is that Commontime's mnotes no longer works. That is covered in other threads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ehosey2

    For some reason, I now can receive incoming phone calls while on the web instead of them just going to voice mail. Is that what is meant by " data optimization " ?
    While I too have been very curious to know what "data optimizations" were made on the new firmware, I don't think what you're seeing is it. "Being on the web" doesn't necessarily mean calls go to VM. You have to be "actively" transferring data, as indicated by the connection arrows turning green. Try again while actually loading a page (arrows green) and I'm sure you'll see the call roll to VM. (sure would be cool if it worked though.... )
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    1. LA/OC So Cal

    2. Sound on my side seems the same. Maybe a little louder on the scala 500
    3. Nothing noted yet
    4. re: sound on the other end - HUGE improvement! This was a painful subject with GF in FL. Shadows custom ROM had little change. v1.08 is a dramatic difference

    5. available memory went from 1.1 to 8.2!
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    Sound quality aside, has anyone noticed whether the patch gets rid of that annoying delay when starting a call via Contacts, Speed Dial or Call Log?
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    belanger, I believe I read on the forum somewhere that the delay was fixed or at least shortened.
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    No way Jose...the delay is still there :-(
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    voice volume way down on bluetooth and handset
    Glen PHX
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    delay there on mine also i hate it all call start before i can talk i here hello hello u there all the time
    Glen PHX
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    [QUOTE=bbkat]1. LA/OC So Cal

    2. Sound on my side seems the same. Maybe a little louder on the scala 500
    3. Nothing noted yet
    4. re: sound on the other end - HUGE improvement! This was a painful subject with GF in FL. Shadows custom ROM had little change. v1.08 is a dramatic difference


    I agree.

    Shadowmite's Custom Roms on 1.03 were fun, and I like DUN being enabled, but they did not improve sound quality onmy 650's.

    I have found that with1.08 the audio quality has improved with respect to callers on the other end hearing less choppiness" and the TREO 650 not sounding like my 24 pound 1985 analog bag phone to those on the other end of my calls.

    So far, I am able to use the phone to make calls to clients, which is a first since December when I received my first of three 650's- none of which were able to be used to make calls to clients due to complaints (by clients) of terrible T650 audio quality and lack of full duplex.


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    I've also noticed that the outgoing sound quality is much better after the 1.08 update. It was better after the Shadowmite 1.03 ROM, but much better after the 1.08 ROM. I'm currently running a Shadowmite 1.08 #4 and was just told today that the sound quality was excellent by the one person who always complained about it before.
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    Detroit area: Royal Oak

    Bought 650 in Feb, loved it but the sound sucked Nazis thru vacuum cleaners (this is bad). No resets and gunk like that. Sound was low and choppy, on my end and wherever the other end was at the time.

    Loaded SM #3. Very nice. Sound quality and volume became usable.

    Sprint 1.08. Wow, more mem, but more practice on what it's going to be like when I'm 80 as far as the hearing bit goes.

    SM (1.08) #3. Sound back to being good. Still no resets. Nice extra mem.

    No BT headset yet, just working off the handset. Speaker phone has always been good, but not bi-directional.

    You definatly have to earn the right to use this phone/PDA/product of Satan, but when you do, it's all good
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    So patiently waiting fot the update . Finially i install it and end up with dissapointing results.first of all i had the blue trek g2 that came with the dongle when i had the 600. Got the 650 and used the same headset. Paired up perfectly but noticed it wasnt as loud as when i had the 600. one day i accidently hit the mute button and "wow" it was loud like on the i found the headset was great and the 650 was great being that i had to press the mute button and unpress it and have a great conversation. Now i download the update................sound is more louder , BUT NO ON CAN HEAR ME . i am in the car with the windows closed and i have to repeat things 3and 4 times. i up the volume on the phone and the earpiece itself, no luck. press the mute button and no luck. to sum it all up the updater gave me better input quality but my oput quality has gotten need to press the mute button no more , loud enough but no one can hear me no more . trying to uninstall the update and get back the original but its been overwritten. now dont even use the earpiece , thinking about buying another one but not sure, dont want to throw away money on a new one.
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    1- Bay Area - California
    2- Sound quality before the patch was terrible, people had a lot of trouble understanding me, including my wife on her Treo600, headset or no. Scala 500 worked ok but not loud enough and not very clear sound. Coverage was slightly better than T600, except for random Roaming. Several coworkers own T650's as well, and they all sounded so bad that we stopped talking during our commutes, which was our usual practice.
    After the 1.08 patch, dramatic improvement in outgoing sound quality, everyone understands me again, including my wife. One of my coworkers has not yet applied the 1.08 patch and he is unintelligible when driving on the 880 north highway because his sound quality is so terrible. The others sound fine.
    Scala 500 now sounds as good as I could expect, no complaint there, it's the expected sound quality form a BT1.1 device. Definitely acceptable now. Don't use a wired headset anymore.

    3- I have had one issue happen twice since the patch: When in a call, the phone locked up: I couldn't switch apps, or switch to speakerphone, mute the call or even hang up, but the call was still going. Only when the other person on the line hung up, th phone came back to life. I have had hundreds of calls in beween and I have no idea what caused that, but whatever it is, it's not a reocurring problem so far.

    4- Speakerphone still distorts at maximum volume. BT unable to patch all sound trough the headset, only phone calls. Also, looks like we're locked into BT1.1 for now.
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