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    I don't know if this is related to the custom ROM #5, but now I can't scroll fast up/down with the 5 way hard buttons. I have to keep pressing the buttons to scroll fast.

    Anybody has this problem?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ixtab1970
    might be RTFM but I will appreciate the help. with the rom builder how do I know how much more (KB wise) I can add to the base (say custom #5)?
    The total available is 7130000. When you zip the ROM back up following the addition of the files you want to add, you'll see the total in the zip file, the total available and the remaining available. If the number is negative, you'll have to decrease the size of the ROM before you'll be able to install it.

    The best way to include the most programs is to print out the Master File list (subject sticky in the forum on, eliminate the files shown in it that are not required and are not programs you want and then add the programs you do want. That's all there is to it - as someone said earlier, with the tools Shadow provided, it's easier than it should be!
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    I've notice a few things to work different with applications moved to ROM after the upgrade. Example:
    I have the new DateBk5 app in ROM and my alarms go off but with no sound.
    Datemate crashes all the time when I add a new entry.

    These two used to be fine with Shadowmite 1.03 ROM.

    Anybody having issues with programs that don't work on ROM 1.08


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