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    Still having problems with update sprint is getting me a knew phone on Monday was at sprint store and on the phone with T-2 tech and no one could help me so they are swapping me a phone. Keep trying update and keep getting message upgrade not required currently installed is more recent then this update. But the strange thing is my phone has stopped resetting was getting 4 or 5 resets a day and my volume on bluetooth seems louder but when i go to phone info it says 1.03 and 1025
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    so fkpalm we meet again,

    I too have the same exact phone sounds waaay better. the phone earpiece is wayyy louder. speaker seems a lil louder,still sorry. im gonna keep my phone, I fear getting a lemon next resets.versamail works perfect. I may stop at a sprint store and see what they can do.
    somebody Help!

    also does anyone know how to delete Hot Sync account I made four trying to get this updater to work. cant get rid of them.

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