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    If any of you are trying this out and also have Verichat running in the background, can you tell me if you're getting soft resets every time you go back into Chatter after leaving it?

    I was testing it with Verichat running with one nick and Chatter with another...and if I left Chatter and then came back, all of my Email folders are gone...and then I get a soft reset when I try to leave Chatter.

    This is consistent...every time I try it.

    Disabling the Chatter IM fixes the problem.

    Anyone else?
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    don't have verichat installed, but has anyone actually got the legacy IM working consistently with the new chatter betas? I just did the firmware update and thought it would be a good time to finally try the new betas when I found out marc was bringing IM back. unlike before, I could actually setup my aim/yahoo/etc accounts, but could never get IM to actually work. chatter would consistently crash after a restart and started eating mailboxes like crazy. removed the IM file and reinstalled. mail works great, but now I'm stuck with no instant messaging again.

    can ANYONE confirm that they got IM working with the new beta?
    -- berto
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    I tried to get the beta IM version working as well yesterday. I couldnt get it working for IM either, and then when I exited out of Chatter for something else, it duplicated my main IMAP mailbox 5 times. Each duplicate had the exact same emails in them. It was bizarre so I went back to version 1.0b15.13. I might try again today and make sure to follow the BETA instructions (I cant remember if I rebuilt all my mailboxes.)
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    as far as I can tell, 1.02 (release version) was the latest where IM actually worked well. still had the individual indicators for each service showing that you were connected. pretty stable version for both email and IM, but no real SD card support. I may wait a bit to see if marc can address the IM issues since the new mail features are pretty trick. if not, I'll probably downgrade eventually as well.

    with marc's permission, I can post 1.02 somewhere if ppl need it. I don't think this version is posted on chatter's website anymore.
    -- berto
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    I would like to get it (assuming Marc doesnt mind). Does 1.02 have inline text forwarding? That is what I really miss. Marc, are you out there somewhere
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    What's inline text forwarding? I'll post 1.0.2; I finally saw that awful screwed up folders issue with 1.0.5b. Uck. Not sure what's going on.

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    marc, is it at all possible to get a working version of 1.0.2 with the code for SD card support? or is that completely impossible? I'm obviously no programmer so dunno what that would entail.
    -- berto
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    What's inline text forwarding? I'll post 1.0.2; I finally saw that awful screwed up folders issue with 1.0.5b. Uck. Not sure what's going on.

    I have to have my work email forwarded to me (its Groupwise). When it forwards to my fastmail account and I use the 1.0b15.13 version, I have to open the forwarded email as an attachment (in memo pad ). I think you changed that in future versions so that if its forwarded, the attachment can be read in the email itself, without going to memo pad to read it.

    (I probably 'jacked' up the wording on this...sorry for the confusion )

    BTW-thanks for posting 1.0.2

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