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    I bought the Cradle Kit for the Treo 650. When I plug in the USB Cable into the cradle (and the power cord into that dongle), and seat the T650, the charging light on the phone turns red [good]. Then I hit the hotsync button on the cradle, and the phone wakes up and launches the HotSync app. But after a bit of "Connecting with the desktop using Cradle/Cable", it times out and says it couldn't connect.

    When I plug the cables (usb and power) into the treo directly, it works just fine.

    Thoughts? Am I really that incompetent that I can't figure out how to use the cradle?
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    Several seem to have had similar problems...

    Some things to try:

    Wiggle the 650 a bit to see if it makes a better connection.

    Make sure the 650 is firmly seated in the cradle.

    Make sure the cable is firmly attached to the cradle.

    Clean the contacts on the cradle connector.
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    One more thing, make sure your cradle is plugged into the same USB port as the origional cable was plugged into. Its amazing how that fixxes things.
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    I thought this was weird but try this. I had same problem. Now I originally set it up using the original charger / USb cable that cae with the 650. First got an unknown USB device error on my laptop an then the "can't find" HiotSync message.

    So I swapped the cables for the ones that come with the Cradle and it worked. Now logic dictates that they both should work but, in this case it made a difference.
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    I had exactly the same problem. Cradle only works with my original sync cable. The charger that came with the cradle works fine with it. I talked to the P1 tech support idiots (yes, I actually got through to them. Twice!). They DHL'ed me a new sync cable assuming that the one in the kit was bad.

    Guess what? Same damned problem. Won't even sync with the 650 plugged in directly with no charger or cradle attached. After spending 20 minutes on the phone the second time with some girl that must've been a rejected Physics 301 teaching assistant (yeah, you all know what I mean -- "How's the weather today?" "Tree o'clock.") being walked through all manner of stupid test and being treated like I couldn't fund my a$$ with both hands and a flashlight, they're sending me yet-another cable.

    How much do ya' wanna' bet that one doesn't work either?

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