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    Trying to upgrade my spanky-new 270, and running into the Retarded T-Mobile problem.

    Tried to DL that convinces the updater that I'm on SingTel, but the website says it's not there. Tried searching, but everything on Google points back to treocentral's copy.

    Can anybody send me a copy of this, or get the TreoCentral copy restored?

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    ... I'm putting this here just incase I'm not the LAST person to need to trick the Treo Updater into working.

    How to create your own 'CurrentCarrier.pdb' hack:

    Download a copy of [Filez], that great PalmOS file tinkering tool and Install it on the target treo.

    Turn the celphone portion of your treo OFF. You don't want it updating the file on you.

    Open up the file [CurrentCarrier] in Filez, and change the first six numbers of BOTH records in that file to those of a provider you want to emulate for the upgrade. I used Cingular (310410) and it worked fine, but if that dosen't work for you, you might want to try AT&T (310380), Amerilink (310630) or any number of others - you can get the numbers out of the ROM file [CarrierList].

    You need to change the number twice. Don't worry about the text field - The updater apparently dosen't care.

    Delete CurrentCarrier.pdb from your ./Palm/yourusername/backup directory, to make sure the updater sees the new one.

    Good luck!
    Hotsync, and run the updater.
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    What does changing the provider and updater actually do (newbie treo 270 stupid question)?

    Mark (kfctombraider)
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    The PalmOne software for updating the ROM in your Treo270 checks which provider SIM is inserted, and compares it to an internal list of providers that have approved that upgrade for use on their networks.

    Since T-Mobile never approved any of the upgrades, People with a T-Mobile SIM are stuck with v1.0.0 (Or whatever they currently have) instead of being able to upgrade to 1.1.2, the (as of this post) current ROM upgrade.

    Unless they convince the updater that they're on a network that supports the upgrade, like Cingular.
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    My Suncom SIM will make my 270 not find the network at all, it just searches for like 10 minutes then some error messages then I have to reset it. So I can't do any GPRS upgrade at all until I get a SIM that works, or can I change the carrier file to the Suncom code, how do I find it?

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    You need to either use Filez to browse through [CarrierList.pdb], or you can use pilot-file, a UNIX utility. I didn't find a Suncom provider listed either way.

    However, ust using the carriers listed above should allow you to flash the ROM, and won't stop you from using your Suncom SIM. It dosen't lock the phone (And probably dosen't UNLOCK it either.)

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