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    Real Time Wireless Media Streaming for Palm OS

    OnVerge Labs announced the immediate availability of its flagship product, InfiniFile for Palm OS Platform, originally slated for a January release. The software integrates with the Palm operating system and provides access to virtually unlimited audio, video, programs and data stored on a PC.

    InfiniFile for Palm OS Platform provides access to virtually unlimited audio and video files, Palm OS programs and related data stored on a PC, over a WiFi or Bluetooth network connection. To the Palm applications running on the handheld or smartphone, InfiniFile looks like an additional multi-gigabyte memory card. Thousands of existing Palm OS applications already work with InfiniFile.

    End-users can use popular media player software with InfiniFile to access any file from an audio or video library on a server PC, instantly. Rather than having to download to the handheld device, InfiniFile streams data in real-time from the server PC. Games, programs and databases can all be stored on the network.

    "Although there has been a short delay in the release of InfiniFile we are excited with the product. There is no current network sharing technology for Palm Powered devices that streams media faster than InfiniFile today." said Ali Husain, President and CEO of Onverge Labs.
    "As a big thanks to the Palm community, we are offering a 20% discount on the retail price of the software for the first 14 days."

    InfiniFile™ for Palm OS Platform retails for US$39.95 and is available for purchase from the OnVerge Labs website. A free 14-day trial version is available for download. The server program, InfiniServer, is available free to install on any number of PCs at home or in the office.
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    AHHHH! It's spam!!!! Don't look at it directly or it'll turn you into stone!
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    Yeah this thread probably belongs in the Marketplace Forum. The software sounds interesting...if a bit pricey IMHO.

    The new version of PTunes Deluxe allows you to synch directly from Windows Media Player. WMA's are the one file type I hated to hotsynch. If not for this I might have been very interested, but not now especially for $39.99.
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