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    Has anybody checked whether the new update fixes the date bug?
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    I have read that the answer is no.
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    Thanks for the reminder. I JUST tested it, and It gave me the following:

    # of changes: 2
    Initial time: 3/25/13 13:20
    first change: 1/5/88 16:59
    Second change: 3/25/13 13:20

    Now, I don't quite get it. It's an improvement in year, it used to be 23. But it still gives me 2013 as the current year, but when I go to the Calendar, it shows me at 2005.

    So I may not be the best one to trust

    I'll just keep using netclock
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    All due respect to Jeff Gibson, I'm not convinced there is actually an issue. How can we verify the right info is being read?

    I've been using network time for months with zero issues on Sprint, before and after the recent upgrade.

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    Kaihmeyer, you're using an old version of the utility -- there's a newer one later in the thread. The old one shows dates that are eight years ahead.

    I believe the impact of this issue depends on the apps you're using. Ones that use alarms of some sort are more likely to have problems. It also depends on how careful the software developers are.

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