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    Is there any way I can use the pictures attached to my contacts in agendas as caller ID's or do i have to use this function using the built in contacts program?
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    You'll need to have Contacts handle the photos. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by ynotbe28
    Is there any way I can use the pictures attached to my contacts in agendas as caller ID's or do i have to use this function using the built in contacts program?
    or use Lightwav and have FULL screen jpg or animated gif. check it out
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    I'd suggest Ringo Pro instead, it doesnt seem to have bugs like Lightwav and when there is a bug their developers will at least address it and not ignore any comments about bugs.

    Once again Smiley...have you fixed the bug if you answer when the picture is 72x72 and then switchs to 320x320 and if you answer you get a soft reset? I have asked this about 4 times now and each time you have not given a answer at all.

    Its one thing to pump your product but its also another to pump it and avoid replying to any questions about bugs with know exactly what I am talking about as do others...why is it so hard to reply to my question? You seem to easily find any thread that mentions ringtones but always seem to neglect answering questions concerning bugs.
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    No kidding. He jumps in on threads that ask specific questions about a competitors project boasting about the features of Lightwav or one of the other eight dozen apps that he puts out.

    His time would be better spent on customer service and troubleshooting the numerous issues dissatisfied customers are experiencing.

    The Palm OS software community is unique in that customers become fiercely loyal or angrily outspoken regarding a certain develper or app according to their experiences. It's obvious that it's starting to catch up with Smiley.

    If all he's doing here is advertising his product and having the users serve as beta testers for products that are essentially continuously in beta stages, he should at least pay and advertising fee to Treo Central.
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    Thats the way I see it, constantly advertising and rarely ever do you see him address comments about bugs...if he wish's to say nothing about it when people ask then I'll be making sure to let them know that he doesnt reply to bug comments about his software.

    I am not the first one to mention the bugs in lightwav or the feeling like your a "beta tester" for him, smiley is more than aware of the bugs and has chosen not to even reply to them. instead he ignores them and waits for postings like you mention about "competitors" software and then jumps in and hijacks the thread explaining what his buggy software can do for them ,while lightwav has many cool features there are many known bugs with it and smiley never comments on them it seems...wonder why?
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    Thanks Im using the trial now to try it out. Found out the hard way that you should test before buying. Im using pocket tunes for mp3s. What benefits are there for using Ringo Pro insted of Ringo.
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    oooooooh controversey :>

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    I just downloaded the Trial of Ringo Pro and it works well. I would probably purchase it if the Picture Caller ID would take up the whole screen. That's mainly what I'm looking for. I already have LightWav but it was causing issues for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ynotbe28
    What benefits are there for using Ringo Pro insted of Ringo.
    If you have pocket tunes, I think none. I just got the basic Ringo instead of the Pro because it was cheaper and it seemed all the Pro did was add mp3 support, and I already had ptunes.

    It worked fine, other than it showed the wrong name and ringtone (but the phone # displayed was right) on occasion. The electricpocket guys responded to my emails but couldn't help me. It only did it when I manually entered phone no.'s into Ringo, not when I picked a number from Contacts. The reason I did it is some people call me from default office lines that aren't the incoming lines, so I would never call them using those phone no's but I still want to know it's them calling. I set up those numbers by entering the name and numbers using their ringtone in the Ringo friends screen. Sometimes Ringo would display a wrong name/ringtone when I did this.

    The only way around it was to enter the non-used number(s) into Contacts and select it in Ringo. After I did that, I had no more problems, but it would be nice if there were a solution - there are only so many numbers you can enter for a given contact.

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