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    I have had this happen to me twice in the last three weeks or so. I get two mesages in at the same time and it crashes my sms inbox, causing all of the messages in the inbox to be lost. This can be a real problem when you save message for information on appointments or directions to some place.

    To add insult to injury, The front screen (phone) shows unanswered messages which aren't there, and if there are incoming sms message they cause the phone to crash. When I try and send an sms, the phone also crashes.

    The only way out to is to do a hard reset and reinstall from the backup. A real pain if you can't get to your computer for 6 hours...

    I emailed palmOne support with some input on who they could improve the sms function a few weeks ago. Their answer was that they don't market the Treo on its sms function, so they won't bother. No wonder they are having a few problems...

    "We are not interested in your ideas or what you think is important, we have our own ideas and they are all we need."

    Customer service indeed.
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    Not that it should make too much difference, but I am running a GSM Treo 650 on IM3 in Jakarta.

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