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    Does anyone know how to install DUN with Sprint after running the update 1.08? I have search and haven't found anything on installing the DUN after the update.
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    Reinstall the dun patc. Continue as normal
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    rememberto soft doesnt show until u soft reset. i ran it 3 times yesterday before figuring this one out....hope it helps
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    The only thing that I'm concerned with about this, is that maybe when you install the DUN hack, it is downgrading some other things that were upgraded in the 1.08 update? Anyone know for sure about this?

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    I installed the 1.08 Update and then the DUN patch from Shadowmite's site. It appears to be OK, since my Bluetooth headset still works great, but when I go to the Bluetooth screen and click "Setup Devices", my phone resets.

    Any suggestions?

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    yep -
    as posted on, simply uninstall the btmanager.prc from RAM, setup devices, then reinstall.

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