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    What is best 1gb sd card to buy. Where?
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    What is best 1gb sd card to buy. Where?
    SD Card Benchmark
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    i bought one from ebay pretty cheap...
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    You'll want to check this thread as well: List of SD Card Performance via VFSMark and CardSpeed
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    i recommend ATP- for a phone- you're going to be using it a lot of places and the sd card slot is exposed and up. ATP cards are waterproof/dustproof/shockproof/idiotproof and they perform pretty well... the first day i got mine i froze it in an ice cube tray- took out the cube and thawed with a blowdryer and it still worked! obviously it was not in the phone when i did so. it's kinda good to know that if you drop your phone into a puddle you wont lose your data along with the insurance deductible.
    i got mine at
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