View Poll Results: Which point(s) is the most important to you for adopting my new messenger?

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  • Have a good plain classic MSN messenger on my Treo

    15 68.18%
  • No background running to reduce conflicts with my other Treo programs, less reboot

    3 13.64%
  • Proxyless solution that don't show my messenger login/password and messages to a third party

    11 50.00%
  • Pay once for all, no annual subscription fee

    19 86.36%
  • No background running so I know when i'm using the network and can control my network use bill

    3 13.64%
  • Simple to use, no lots of features i don't need

    9 40.91%
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  1. GTXP's Avatar
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    Hi. I'm working on a MSN compatible messenger and looking for beta testers to test the pre-release version.

    The purpose of this software is to provide a non subscription based solution, that does not use server side proxy (proxy based solutions require that your ID and password to be given to a third party). So it's a good alternative to Verichat, Causerie, Chatopus etc which are based on those models.

    The standard software does not include options such as background running, file sending etc. One good thing about this is it will be more battery life friendly and often make the phone more stable (less reboot due to background conflicts), and less prone to viruses. Of course, all those features are also very nice for users who want them, so i'm thinking of creating a separate version with those features.
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    We will be glad to test your software.... I will drop you an email soon.

    Customer Care
    Corsoft Corporation
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    I think most Treo users would want to keep all features currently included in Verichat and Causerie. Why? because we always want more and more new things. I think if we were PDA users probably we wouldn't care about running in the background or doing file transfer because PDAs don't have an always on connection. I've been using Verichat for more than 3 years and at the beginning they were charging a yearly fee with the option to buy unlimited usage. Now they don't have the unlimited usage account plus now they want to charge more and more for new features. I think you are in the right place if you can compete with them at a lower price. Let me know if you want me to beta test. Send me an IM or email me BeLion007 @ Make sure you include TreoCentral on the topic so I know it's you.


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    I'd beta test your solution either way, but I doubt I'd buy it if it couldn't run in the background. I wouldn't mind if it were a "selectable" option.

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    I just got my first Treo a little while ago and have had no experiences with any of the other available Messenger apps. I'll be getting my phone service in a week, but so far the Treo is used as a PDA only. I only use MSN and this will be perfect. I can provide a testing perspective from a new Treo user point of view who has never done any mobile messenging. Until I read your post, I didn't even know the other apps required a subscription. I'll shoot you email when I'm back home with access to my email. Hope you will accept me as a beta tester.

    shadowrtype at gmail dot com
  6. boasist's Avatar
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    i'll be glad to beta this.

    simply PM me via the forums here when its time to begin.
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    i'd also beta this-pm me
  8. tcatnat's Avatar
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    I would love to test your software. I use MSN almost exclusively. Would like background always on though. I'll email when I get home. At the car wah right now.
    SprintPCS Treo 755p
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    I'm an MSN messenger user and have been looking for a way toi use it on my Treo. You can PM me.
  10. GTXP's Avatar
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    Hi please send an email directly, because i'm not always online in the forum, so PM is not very convenient. Thanks!
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    your profile doesn't allow for direct emails.
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    It was on the original post:

    gtxp1 @
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