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    I noticed that after installing the 1.08 update that the "lost signal" (lost network) sound is extremely loud now. If you are talking on the phone and lose the signal, the sound is so loud through the ear piece that it is painful! The first time it happend I dropped the phone. You're talking on the phone at normal volume and then a "BEEP" sounds of the volume of a jet!
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    Can you lower it from Sound Pref?
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    you can turn it off....
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    Quote Originally Posted by donric609
    you can turn it off....

    Yes, that is what I did. I turned it off.

    No you can not lower the volume in the prefs. I tried.
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    which update 1.08 is this for Cing or Sprint?
    Cingular 680
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    ROM 1.08 is a Sprint PCS version only

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