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    Has anyone used BackupBuddy to transfer data from their old 600 to their new 650? Will it work since it is different OS and some files as well as applications do not work on the 650? Is it not advisable? Is it better to just sync from Outlook and redo all of the phone settings? Anyone got answers?
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    NO! Don't do that - the memory structure is completely different, and you will have NOTHING but nightmares if you do that. In fact, the instructions on palmOne's website explicitly state to even rename (or delete) your backup folder before installing the new 650 desktop. All I can say is that there are files and preferences that are on your 600 (and thus, in your backup folder) that if they make their way onto the 650, will cause you pain and agony. palmOne suggests deleting the backup folder, and reinstalling all your third party apps. A little effort up front will save you in the end....

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