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    Hello All!

    I'm a Canadian that's about to head down to Las Vegas in mid April and I've been wanting a Treo 650 ever since it was announced.

    I can currently buy a Rogers Wireless Treo 650 without a plan for 899 Can + 14% tax (which is 856.05 USD after tax). If I can find a unlocked Treo 650 @ 699.99 + 7.5% (I'm guessing Nevada sales tax on electronics is 7.5 percent) = $752.50, then that's a savings of over 100 USD for me, unless I get busted by the customs officer of course.

    My question is to all you where can I buy an unlocked Treo 650 in Las Vegas? Thanks in advance for all those who can help! In the meantime, I'll try googling for some information myself.
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    I'm calling customs and am going to have you deported....
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    Going to NAB?

    You may want to read about my experience here:

    I'm thinking your best bet would be to place an online order and ask them to ship it to your hotel in Lost Wages (if they'll do that for you)

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