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    Hi all,

    I use DateBk4 to create my To-Do list for each day. But when I create a new To-Do item on a given day, I have to go into "Details" and tell it that the due date is "Today", even though I am using the one-day view. Is there a way, if you have DateBk4 open to a particular day and create a To-Do item, to make the due date automatically that day by default rather than having to go in and set the due date manually for each item?

    I hope that made sense.

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    I'm not sure about having it default to today. But if you run in either split screen mode or just display the todo list (rather than integrated todo/appoint) , when you create a new todo you are automatically in the detail screen so it's easy to just tap 'Today'. I know that's not answering your question but it may be a reasonable workaround.
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    That works just fine. Thanks for the advice.

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