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    I'm not sure I can even describe this ... here goes:

    My Treo re-set earlier today. No problem, I thought -- I attached my sync cable and pressed the magic button. I was prompted to enter a user name (which I did -- same as on the handheld) and .... all of my data on the computer was zapped (my sync settings are set to sync, not to over-write).

    To make matters stranger ... I have found a month-old back (don't ask me why this even exists -- I'm just glad that it does) on my Mac. However, the user listed on it is 'None'. If I switch to my user name, there's no data. If I try to sync, no data is moved from the Mac to the handheld (presumably because it thinks I'm not the same user ... )

    I'm a new Mac user; I've not had this problem on my pc version, and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions (and if any of you have magic wands, to help me retrieve the my last month's data ... please wave them now!)

    thanks for your help!
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    You might be able to rename the backup data files on your Mac from None to your user name. I recall that this was a way for an enterprise to make a 'build' of Palm data/files, and then make copies on the Mac and rename them. Then you could get a bunch of Palm OS devices and line them up and HotSync them. You might see if the Help files in the Palm desktop s/w has any info.

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