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    I've been looking for some way to mount my Treo in my car. I've looked at vent mounts but I'd like to integrate charging/possible handsfree capabilities.

    PALMONE if you are listening, your customers have accessory needs! Is there any cool aftermarket charger/mounts available like this?

    Man, I'm getting tired of this
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    built for easy acess
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    I have a Seidio G2100M car kit, it's nice! you can hook it up to your car's AUX port and it has an external mic you can install anywhere, and it charges.

    well it should be charging because mine doesn't. I sent an RMA request to Seidio a week ago and so far no response.
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    Nope, don't have a car.
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    I duct tape it to the handle bars, of my bike. :-D
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    Snorkel, how well does the 2100M work for a) listening to music (I assume fine, since that's pretty straightforward) and b) talking on the phone? I've been looking at this product carefully, and my main concern is that since you hear the phone conversation over the car stereo speakers and there's an external mic, your callers might hear echoes during conversations. I'm guessing the 2100M doesn't have any signal processing or noise reduction circuitry to deal with echoes, etc.

    If you are listening to music and a call comes in, do you just answer it with the treo or is there a button on the external mic cord? Does the audio plug that's built-in to the cradle have four conductors? I assume it must in order to play stereo music allow for handsfree conversations.

    Finally, how's the build quality and fit? Judging from your power problem it sounds like quality may be an issue with this product. Any other observations?


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